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April 2011
Maree Moore's new book "Merlin & the Shepherds of Arcadia: Guardians of the Ark of the Covenant" released.

The Dove, The Rose & The Sceptre

IN search of the ark of the covenant

dove rose and sceptreIs there an ‘Invisible Hand’ guiding Earth’s Destiny? Who was responsible for the codes in the Bible? What happened to the ‘Lost Tribes of Israel’?

What does the Bible foretell about the Sceptre of the Royal House of Judah, the ‘Overturns’, the Stone of Destiny and the future discovery of the Ark of the Covenant? What has its recovery to do with the Biblical prophecy of world peace? Was a particular prophecy of Nostradamus informing us of its location? Are the mysterious clues discovered at Rennes-le-Chateau, France, and those prevalent within the imagery of Nicholas Poussin’s painting of The Shepherds of Arcadia also alluding to the location of the Ark of the Covenant or were they placed there as a ‘red herring’?

In Maree Moore’s second book, The Dove, the Rose & the Sceptre, you will journey through Ireland, the Rosslyn Freemasonic Chapel of the Knights Templar in Scotland, and St Columba’s island of Iona in order to find the answers to exciting, previously unsolved intriguing mysteries!

You will discover the ‘Missing Key’, the ‘Secrets of Arcadia’ and why the Knights Templar, the Rose-Cross Knights, guarded its ‘mystique’.

Maree also uncovers the secret life of the real Merlin, King Arthur, their royal families whose bloodline was that of the Holy Grail and the most likely place where the Ark of the Covenant is ‘resting’.


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Chapter List

• "Tap Thirty-Three You'll Lord Bacon See"
• The Search Begins
• An Enigmatic Prophecy Fulfilled
• In The Footsteps of St Columba (St Germain)
• The Sceptre & The Line of Promise of Abraham
• The Royal Seed of the House of David
• How A Split Occurred in the 12 Tribes of Israel
• The Scarlet Thread & The Enigmatic Riddle of the 'Tender Twig'
• The Serpent's Tail, The Prince & Babylon.
• The Princess from the East & The Knights of the Red Branch.
• The Mysterious Mound
• The Pharaoh & The Rose
• The Stone of Destiny, The Sceptre & The 'Overturns'
• The Secrets of the Ark
• Egypt & The Mystery School of the Essenes
• The Lost Disciples
• Apollonius (St Germain) & St Lazarus
• Land of the Covenant, St Germanus (St Germain) & St Patrick (Kuthumi)
• The Palace of The Kings of Ulster

• Ark of the Covenant, The Lion of Scotland & The Lion of Ulster
• The Plantagenets & The Knights Templar.
• St Clairs of Rosslyn & The Grand Master St Germain
• Rennes-Le-Chateau, 'Nothing Is Wanting But The Key'
• Secret Marriages of the Tudors, Secret Birth of Prince Francis Bacon (St Germain)
• The Darling Buds of May
• The Role of Francis Bacon During The Tudor Invasion of Ireland
• Journey to Rosslyn Chapel & Stirling Castle, Scotland
• Visit to Dunstaffnage Castle
• Prince William of Orange and St Germain
• The Secret Revelation of the Rider upon the White Horse
• The Holy Grail and The 'Seed'
• Journey to lona (The Dove)
• Ark of the Covenant Summary
• Tables of Kuthumi and St Germain

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