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April 2011
Maree Moore's new book "Merlin & the Shepherds of Arcadia: Guardians of the Ark of the Covenant" released.

Masters of the Mystical Rose


masters and the mystical rose book imageMasters of the Mystical Rose has been meticulously researched and gathers together the scattered pieces of the puzzle of history to form a meaningful picture. These stunning insights reveal how the Masters have constantly assisted with the development of civilization and the destiny of mankind.

A fascinating and in-depth account of the history of the Grail family is revealed, from Noah to Saint Germain - from the Knights Templar to the Royal House of Scotland.

Did Atlantis and Lemuria really exist? Who was the mysterious Joseph of Arimathea? Who were the Fisher Kings? Who was the mysterious Teacher of Righteousness of whom the Essenes wrote in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Did Merlin and King Arthur exist? Who was the 6th century Bard, Taliesin and why did he hide his true identity under a pseudonym? Who really wrote the Shakespearian plays and win was his true identity concealed? Who is the mysterious 'Rider upon the White Horse' mentioned in the Book of Revelation and what is his role concerning world peace? Who is his assistant known as 'Custodian of the Holy Grail'?



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Chapter List

1. The Masters of the Mystical Rose
2. Lemuria &Atlantis
3. The Ancient Land of Sumer & the Arcadians
4. The Egyptian Pharaohs & the Origin of the Rose Cross
5. The Queen of Sheba, & the Ark of the Covenant
6. The Temple of Solomon, Yahweh & the Astral Gods
7. Thoth, Enoch & the Philosopher's Stone
8. Egypt & the Ancient Mysteries
9. The Philosophers &'Sophia'
10. The Platonic Academy, Arcadia' & Freemasonry
11. Ancient Mysteries, Parallels in the Bible & The 'Fisher Kings'
12. Origin of the Serpent-Dragon, Glastonbury & St Michael's Mount
13. The 'Archangels' & The Lords of the Seven Rays

14. The Essenes & the Rise and Fall of the Maccabees
15. The Messiah, the Sadducees & the Pharisees
16. The Sons of Zebedee, The 'Fishers of Men'
17. The 'Teacher of Righteousness' & the 'Annas Priest'

18. The Sons of the Elder High Priest 'Annas'
19. The 'Wicked Priest' & the 'Son of Destruction'
20. The Death of James the Just 62 AD
21. The 'Beloved Disciple' & The 'Son of Consolation'
22. After the Crucifixion & the Final Resting Place of the Messiah
23. The Marriage in Cana & Cryptics in the Bible
24. The Persecution of the Christians & the Battle of Masada
25. The 'Beast' 666
Chronology of Events

26. The Celtic Druids & Avalon
27. The Continuity of the Celtic Church and the Masters of the Mystical Rose
28. Brief Early History of Ireland
29. Ireland's Beloved St Patrick (Kuthumi)
30. The Legends of Merlin & Arthur
31. The Knight 'Patrise' & the 'Perilous Seat'
32. St Columba and lona
33. King Arthur, Merlin & Avalon
34. The Knights Templar & the Cathars
35. The Persecution of the Cathars
36. The First Grand Master of the Knights Templar
37. St Hugh of Castle Avalon (1140-1200 AD)
38. The Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar & Rennes-Le-Chateau
39. Elizabeth 1st , Lord Robert Dudley & Their Tudor Princes
40. The Romance of Francis Bacon (St Germain)
41. Francis Bacon, 'Interpreter of the Law' & Author
42. The Downfall of Robert, Lord Essex
43. The Fate of Robert, Lord Essex & Elizabeth's Tragic Loss
44. The Final Years of Francis Bacon
45. Exit Francis Bacon, Enter the Comte de St Germain
46. The French Revolution
Chronology of Events

47. The Navigators & the Colonization of America as Part of the Divine Plan
48. Sir Joseph Banks, the Royal Society, & the Destined Time for Australian Exploration.
49. Sir James Stirling & The Early Sailing Ships To Australia
50. The Legacy
Post Script

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