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Dear Maree, I have a new age shop and healing centre in Willoughby,  Sydney and greatly admire your work.
- Robyn Stephen, Heavenly Energies, 2012

Dear Maree, Thank you ever so much for your wonderful new book - I enjoyed it immensley.
Love and blessings,
- Letter from Elistra, Reader, 2012

Truly Maree,  You have an amazing gift, and the amount of research that has gone into your books is truly remarkable.  May you have great success with your latest book.  Many wonderful blessings to you for your fantastic work!
- Letter from Pauline Butler, Reader, 2012

Dear Maree, I own the first two books, and I found them very interesting to say the least. I have read them many times already, and I'm sure that i will read them many more times to come. I was originally given the book by a lady named Margaret (who also lives in Perth) , and I was very interested in how it demonstrated that all of these important historical events are closely connected and progress from age to age. I was especially interested in anything relating to Atlantis and also Ancient Egypt, because i feel that there is a lot about those two places (Atlantis especially) that we either don't acknowledge or don't understand. Also of course anything relating to Francis Bacon and any of his many incarnations/guises. The idea that he was the one behind the Shakespeare works makes a lot of sense to me. In fact the ideas in the book make so much more sense even if in many regards they seem to be so incredulous as to be believed. (I say that in the sense that they are so out of line with what are commonly held to be common beliefs.) I really hope that you continue to write, I'll be sure to keep a look out on any books that you release in the future!
- Letter from D.Jeffrey, Reader, 2012

The Western occult tradition is full of references to the influences of ancient masters, particularly the so-called Great White Brotherhood. It was Madame Blavatsky who, from the 1880’s first drew attention to these ‘ascended masters’ in her theosophical works. According to this treatise by Western Australian, Maree Moore, the masters have a long pedigree indeed. Cropping up with regularity through occult history are St Germain, whose many key incarnations commence in the author’s chronology with Noah…and Kuthumi who is credited as having been the Pharaoh Tutmoses III. The master St Germain is regarded in some ‘mystical rose’ circles as having been the incarnation of Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Bacon…Kuthumi of Lao Tzu, da Vinci, magician Sir John Dee and botanist Sir Joseph Banks (there’s an interesting chapter on the discovery of Australia here). All hard to believe? Well, steep yourself in ‘The Masters of the Mystical Rose’ and you may begin to think otherwise. The author is a member of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, which is dedicated to preserving the Baconian-Rosicrucian philosophies of ancient wisdom teachings, especially those enshrined within the Shakespearian plays (reputedly the legacy of Francis Bacon, alias St Germain) and the Grail Family traditions. These vast esoteric perspectives, involving greater and lesser masters, who have made their mark on our world, reveal new insights to make sense of the scattered jigsaw of history.
- Nexus Magazine, Review, August – September, 2003

Few artefacts intrigue modern readers more than the lost Ark of the Covenant. Drawing on an impressive range of sources, Maree Moore’s new book ‘The Dove, the Rose and the Sceptre in Search of the Ark of the Covenant’ a must for esoteric readers, goes in search of this priceless treasure. It was in the Ark, a small box of acacia wood overlaid with gold, that Moses placed the Ten Commandments. Through time the Ark has had many powers attributed to it. So revered was this sacred artefact that it resided in the Holy of Holies of the great Tabernacle, and was only accessed once a year by the High Priests. This substantial work brings together numerous threads, including the twelve tribes of Israel, the Essenes, the Templars and the Holy Grail.
- Good Reading Magazine, May 2005

I finished the Masters of the Mystical Rose with joy and many tears – tears of joy, hope and encouragement!!! Then I started the Dove the Rose and the Sceptre and the experience was the same, I could feel such a real connection. What a revelation, what a mind opener, and a ‘spirit’ picker-upper! We live in a day of such doom and gloom, however, what if we all knew of our Beloved St Germain and Master Kuthumi – who they have been down through the ages since the time of Noah? Regarding their different lifetimes of struggle of accomplishments, of achievements, all I can say is that my heart is full of deep love for each of them and the other Masters. May we soon reap the benefits of all their labours during each of their life-times. Maree, thank you for all of your time, effort and love in bringing these dear books to us. I would love to get a group of people together to read them and to discuss them, one chapter at a time. I look forward to reading your new book.
- Dottiedee, U.S.A.

The historical mysteries are just divine. In my opinion your new book ‘The Shepherds of Arcadia Guardians of the Ark of the Covenant’ has a little of everything to please readers from all angles.
- Tony T. Victoria, Australia

I admire your writing and the way you connect all the information in a flowing way. The content of your books has so much information and my best wishes for the continuation of your writing - especially for the new book ‘The Shepherds of Arcadia Guardians of the Ark of the Covenant’
- Marcel Leroux, U.S.A.

I have just finished reading the ‘Masters of the Mystical Rose’. I had read and heard bits and pieces of what you wrote about, but your way of putting it into chronology and with all the documentation is such a miracle…a very wonderful job and I hope that the next book is as fine. These books should be a must read for those who want to know about our true history.
- Reg, Dakota, U.S.A.

I would like to congratulate you on your books, ‘The Masters of the Mystical Rose A History of the Grail Family’ and the more recent ‘The Dove the Rose & the Sceptre In Search of the Ark of the Covenant.’ Both have played an important role in my spiritual journey and I have often recommended them to others. As a scientist, I have decided to transform and write a spiritual book; as a fellow author I was wondering if you would do me the honour of giving me a brief endorsement for my new book…
- Steven Broadbent, Australia (Author of Your Sacred Journey)

I have thoroughly enjoyed and just finished reading your book The Dove the Rose & the Sceptre In Search of the Ark of the Covenant. Although we live on opposite sides of the world, I was amazed at the synchronicity we share between us for I have just finished my own book and some of our themes are very similar. You know, I agree with you about the ark being in Ulster but where?
- Andrew Power, Bangor, Northern Ireland (Author of Ireland Land of the Pharaohs)

I am writing to let you know just how much I have enjoyed both your books and I am looking forward to reading your next one. For many years now, I have been a member of the British Israelite Federation and as Britain is the ‘Land of the Covenant’, it therefore stands to reason that the Ark of the Covenant will be found in Britain. I wish you every success with your new book, ‘The Shepherds of Arcadia Guardians of the Ark of the Covenant’ and look forward to reading it when it is published.
- S.M. Bishop, Canberra, Australia (Author of The Royal House of Britain A Perpetual Dynasty)

It (‘The Masters of the Mystical Rose A History of the Grail Family’) is a truly wonderful piece of work ….. so many pieces of the puzzle were put together.
- Maggie Hamilton, Author, Sydney, N.S.W. Australia

I have just finished reading your book The Masters of the Mystical Rose and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although Australian by birth, my ancestors are Celtic Scottish and a great deal of our family history is tied up in the myths and legends which you write about in your text. Your book has certainly triggered my interest in the whole subject and as a result, I have decided to take some long overdue leave next year and visit Scotland. (Note: Geoff followed through with his dream and is currently completing his first book, The Gemini Knights).
- Geoff Logan, Lecturer Curtin University of Western Australia (Author of The Gemini Twins)

Whilst I was in Glastonbury recently, I was in a book shop and the book ‘Masters of the Mystical Rose – A History of the Grail Family’ fairly flew off the book shelf and into my hands. As I excitedly began to browse, I was amazed to find quotes from my book ‘St Germain – Twin Souls & Soulmates’. There was a down-pouring of quickening energy that I felt compelled to follow through by contacting you. Of course, I went ahead and purchased the book and then upon arriving back at Mt Shasta, there was your book again at the Golden Bough Bookshop! When reading your wonderful book, there was a great down-pouring of energy and the Presence of St Germain, Kuthumi and Anna. Thank you so much for all the historical research you put into ‘The Masters of the Mystical Rose’.
- Claire Heartsong, Mt Shasta, U.S.A (Co-author of St Germain Twin Souls & Soulmates)

Your writing is very thorough and incredibly neatly woven as a beautiful tapestry should be. Lesley Williams-Halverson, Queensland (Author Truity’s Book of Choices) A fascinating work, so thoroughly researched.
- Derek Rowlinson, Ulster Books, Northern Ireland

I have been reading your astonishing book, ‘The Dove the Rose & the Sceptre In Search of the Ark of the Covenant’, and have found your insights to be nothing short of breathtaking. Your vision of the world and our universe is wide and encompassing. I have long hoped to find such a soul that understood clearly the simplicity and magic of reincarnation. I consider your thoughts on Manasseh, Ephraim, United States and United Kingdom to be statements of fact. There are many great researchers that have exposed this truth…and I consider your efforts to be a great addition to the long line of evidence. There is still much more to be put forward in the years ahead. With the dawning of the new age of Aquarius the world will finally be given all the information that they desire. The truth will be revealed, no stone will be left unturned and I hope that you will continue to be part of the process.
- Grant Walker, Lawyer, N.S.W. Australia

Your book is absolutely fascinating and certainly proves a case for the Masters.
- James Stewart McDonald, Lawyer, Perth, Western Australia

Congratulations on a wonderful text. You have presented the material in a rhythmic and very digestible fashion. I am proud that an Australian author should have taken so much time, care and attention with what I regard as a topic having a most profound impact on who we are today and how we got here. Great Bibliography! The laudation I am giving you is richly deserved.
- Guy Perrin, N.S.W. Australia

One of the greatest books I own is ‘The Masters of the Mystical Rose A History of the Grail Family’ by Maree Moore.
- Don Samples, U.S.A.

I really enjoyed your book ‘The Masters of the Mystical Rose A History of the Grail Family’. I have been following St Germain and Kuthumi for a long time now, and your book has endless fascinating information. One beautiful work has us Celts and Druids. Thank you.
- William Weekes, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Here’s one that will run off the shelves – ‘The Masters of the Mystical Rose’ - a History of the Grail family from Noah to St Germain, the Templars, the Fisher Kings and Kuthumi. A huge mind-blowing book that will leave you breathless.
- Adyar Bookshop, Sydney, Australia

This is one of those books (‘Masters of the Mystical Rose A History of the Grail Family’) that nearly jumped from the shelf ..
- Ambrosia Book Shop, Kalamunda, Western Australia

I do enjoy your book immensely and find that I often re-read sections which really interest me. Lynda Collier, N.S.W. Australia I have to say that I was most impressed with (your book ‘The Masters of the Mystical Rose A History of the Grail Family’). Beautifully handled and researched.
- Reviewer, Bantam Books, London, UK

I am a great admirer of your books and have purchased several as gifts for friends who share my enthusiasm for the history of the Masters and spiritual insightfulness, all of which are portrayed beautifully in your books. I am certainly looking forward to your new book when it is published.
- Michael Southall, Perth, West Australia

"(Your book) is the perfect book for the individual seeking in depth information, revelations and a wider appreciation of the spiritual journey itself."
- The Crystal Dolphin Bookshop, Western Australia

Thank you for all your time in research and writing 'Masters of the Mystical Rose'.  Such a wonderful researched and written text.
- Lindi Atkinson, Author

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