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April 2011
Maree Moore's new book "Merlin & the Shepherds of Arcadia: Guardians of the Ark of the Covenant" released.

Merlin & the Shepherds of Arcadia

Guardians of the Ark of the Covenant

merlin and the shepherds of arcadia imageUnravelling hidden ciphers and codes in the parchments of the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery, Nicholas Poussin's painting of the Shepherds of Arcadia and the monument of Shugborough Hall (U.K.), lithographs and enigmatic verses in Minerva Britanna reveal the 'Key' which leads to a triumphant exposure of the grand old mystery of where the Ark of the Covenant is hidden.

Exclusive Excerpt from the book:

Chapter 33: The ‘Key’, the Tomb of the Arcadian Shepherdess & ‘681’

There is a great deal of controversy about the carved monument at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire which portrays Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia. It should come as no surprise that the owners, Lord and Lady Anson, knew and had contact with the Comte de St Germain. The Anson family were the Earls of Lichfield and the monument is thought to have been carved in circa 1750 when remodelling of the original house began. Lady Anson, within her written correspondence, refers to the Comte de St Germain as the kind ‘Shepherd’.

According to the Wikipedia website, “Below the relief carving on the monument, an unknown craftsman carved the mysterious eight-letter inscription, contained within the letters ‘D.M’. No solution has yet been proposed which rests on a solid cryptanalytic footing.”

The answer that numerous seekers have sought lies within a particular ancient cipher which is revealed within this book. Nostradamus's Quatrain 8:66 "When the inscription D.M. is found in an ancient cave..." The ancient cave to which Nostradamus refers would be the crypt that contains the Ark of the Covenant.

There are various translations of Et In Arcadia Ego, the inscription found upon the tomb in Nicholas Poussin’s painting of The Shepherds of Arcadia and also upon the tomb of Madame d’Hautpoul at Rennes-le-Chateau, the most commonly accepted meanings being ‘I too (lived) in Arcadia’/’Even in Arcadia I exist’. Revelation of the true meaning is given within this book.

Differing from Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia, in the Shugborough monument, there is a sepulchre on top of the vault. Why the extra sepulchre? The answer is revealed within this book and the proof lies within the poem titled The Tomb of the Arcadian Shepherdess sent by the Arcadian Shepherd Knight to the owner of Shugborough Hall during the 18th century.

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"Maree, your 3 books are the most thoroughly researched and documented that I have ever read. And, they shed so much light on misconceptions people have been taught. They surely pierce dogmas. Thank you for enriching our lives. "
- Gene Arland, Kansas, USA

"The book is breathtaking in it's scope. You have covered so much and made accessible so much of the esoteric tradition of the Grail and it is such an engrossing text!!"
- Lindi Atkinson, Byron Bay, N.S.W.

"The book is magnificent. Because your book gives clearly the location of the " Ark of the Covenant" do you think the "Vatican" will react ? "
- Marcel Leroux,  U.S.A.

"I have to say the book is exquisite and delicious. Your writing style is magnificent, always giving background detail and referencing. Something that I love most about your books is you give a quick summary and bibliography at the end of each chapter. The book is a magnum opus!! It has got everything. It is the thinking person’s book. It beautifully interweaves history with mystery as it searches for the holy grail/ark and combines esoteric knowledge, spiritualism, ciphers/codes and numerology etc. all this backed up by pure historical detail, facts and bibliography and not some flight of fancy. This book is certainly not aone off read. It is a reference compendium that one such as myself who delves into such subjects keeps for ever nearby and will no doubt read several times over if not more. It's also fantastic to have the Index for referencing. "
- Tony T. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"I went from cover to cover reading bits and pieces through out. WOW what history, what discoveries, what to look forward to when all is discovered!! I know not what to say..... No words come to mind..... Amazement? No, not enough..... Awe struck? No, not enough.... Wonderment? No, not enough..... No word comes..... No word to describe what my heart is feeling..... I am in tears, tears of joy, tears of why, when, where, who and how will it be done? Oh, may the day be soon. What is in that Ark of Covenant? How will knowing change my life? Will I be as excited after finding it as I am about some one finding it NOW? Then my mind races to how did I learn all of this earth shattering material, why only by the long hours, days, weeks, months and years of labor of love by Maree. "
- Dotti D, Kansas, U.S.A

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PART ONE : The Arthurian Period of History
1. Merlin & the Coronation of King Arthur
2. Columba, the Culdees & the Druids
3. The Grail Legends
4. The Shepherd Knight of Arcadia

PART TWO – The Atlantean & Egyptian Period
5. Sons of ‘Light’ & the Royal Priesthood of the Essenes
6. The Shepherds of Arcadia
7. The Shepherd King & the King Maker
8. The Tribes of Israel & the Ark of the Covenant

PART THREE – The Judaic & Celtic Period
9. The Princess of Judah & the ‘Chosen One
10. The Royal Wedding of the Sceptre of Judah & the ‘Law Giver’
11. The Royal Arch Degree of the Ark of the Covenant & Reasons for Initiations

PART FOUR – The Influential Rosicrucian Period
12. The Influential ‘Johns’ & the Royal Houses of Judah/David
13. The Romances of Francis Bacon
14. King William of Orange & Religious Upheavals
15. The Secret of the Polish Rider
16. The Secret of C.C. & the Mystery of C.R.C

PART FIVE – The Celtic Period
17. The Glass Castle
18. Mount Zion of the ‘North’
19. The Temple/Sanctuary & the Ark of the Covenant
20. The Idyllic Location for a Royal Tomb

PART SIX –The Freemasonic Period
21. Codes in the Bible, Francis Bacon & the Order of the Knights of the Helmet
22. Palmoni
23. Arcadia & the Prophecies of Merlin
24. Atlantis & the Illuminati

25 St Germain, another Faked Death 26. The Winds of Change & the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom 27. A Sign of the Times & In Defence of the Freemasons & Knights Templar 28. The Two ‘Witnesses’, the ‘Star’ & the Boy who would be King
PART SEVEN – The ‘Coded’ Period
29 The Mystery of Rennes- le- Château
30. The Royal Cedars of Lebanon, the Beautiful ‘Palm’ & the ‘Willow Tree'
31. Et In Arcadia Ego & the Shepherds of Arcadia
32. The Guardian, the Temple, the Fortress & the Cavern
33. The ‘Key’, the Tomb of the Arcadian Shepherdess & ‘681'


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